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    Welcome to the SDG Wiki

    This is your place to look up and share country-specific information about the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) indicators. You are invited to to use this Wiki for sharing good practices, tips and information from your country with Wiki users from other countries.

    More information and metadata of the SDG Indicators can be found on the official UN-stats website.

    How is the SDG Wiki structured?

    Topic (SDG) -> Wiki entry (SDG indicator) -> Wiki pages (main page, country pages)

    • The SDG Wiki contains 17 topics (one topic for each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals)
    • -> If you click on a topic, you will find several Wiki-entries (one entry per SDG indicator)
    • -> Each Wiki-entry has several Wiki pages. One main page which serves as a table of content and several country specific pages. The main page contains a list of country names which are all links to the respective country pages related to this SDG indicator.

    How can I share my knowledge, good practices or comment on other countries information?

    You are invited to collaborate and add country-specific information to the country pages or comment on entries from other Wiki users.

    • How to edit a Wiki page (to add country-specific information):
      • click on the Wiki entry of the SDG indicator which you want to edit. You will now see the Wiki main page for this indicator - first check if your country is already in the list of country names (displayed in red).
      • If it is not in the list, edit the Wiki main page in the edit mode and insert the name of your country in square brackets (e.g. [[Japan]]). This creates a new link on the main page to the new country-specific Wiki page that you will create.
      • After saving this edit, go back in the view mode. Now you can click on the newly created country name link and create a new Wiki page for your country.
      • If your country was already in the country list on the main page, just click on the country name and edit the existing country Wiki page.
      • Each country page should include the following paragraphs: Definition, Data sources, Computation method, Disaggregation, Data availability, Release calendar
      • To see an example of a country page, go to Topic 1 -> Indicator 1.1.1 -> Indonesia

    • Comment on other entries: If you want to add a comment to one of the Wiki pages, just click on the "Comment tab" and add a new comment.